My new book is now available:
A saga of families set against the horrors of World War II
Having escaped the poverty of southern Ireland the O’Reilly family become victims of the bombing on the Vickers Supermarine factory, Southampton where Spitfires are being built. Brendan and Mary O’Reilly’s twin daughters are buried alive among the ruins of their blitzed home and Mary with baby Paddy nestling at her breast screams for help.
She is  rescued by test pilots Johnnie Kershaw and Mike Pinkerton and the lives of the families become intertwined.
Mike Pinkerton feels a moral obligation to the O’Reilly family and offers them great support, particularly baby Annie, left deaf from the blast.
His best friend is killed in a motorcycle accident, leaving his widow penniless with two small children to bring up.
The arrival of American troops to Britain brings a further twist as Mike’s wife Virginia, feeling neglected, falls in love with a handsome American Ranger. They embark on tumultuous affair and Virginia leaves Mike to return to America with her lover.
This is a story that travels from rural Ireland to war-torn London, to Paris and Boston to the leafy chalk streams of Hampshire.
Out of the maelstrom of war comes love and romance, betrayal and laughter.

Out of storm clouds come love and romance, sadness and laughter, selfishness and heroism.
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